Friday, March 16, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Heidi is my real mom, I got taken away from her when i was just 3. When I turned 12 she finally got out of prison. I was so thrilled!!! I couldn't believe it. The parents that I live with now, let me have sleep-overs with her. I would always hang out with her!!... But a couple months after she got out she got into some trouble with drugs and her probation officer found out. My mom was not so thrilled.... so of course she booked. About 1 month later they found her with a stolen vehicle and a fake identity. I was so hurt!!! Thats when I started doing bad..... She has been in there for about 2 years now. She called about a weak ago and she should be abel to get out in April. Thank god she was supposed to serve 10 year!!!!:[.... And that is the story about my Real Mommy!:)

This is my mom a while back not a recent picture

Monday, March 12, 2012

About Golden

About Golden
This is a picture of downtown golden
Golden is a pretty nice city to live in. There`s not much trouble down in Golden , mainly because there`s a cop station and court house in Golden. Golden is also a very small city, but very fun. Downtown Golden features awesome places. Have you ever heard of Woody`s ? Its a pizzeria down in Golden. Very yummy if your craving a pizza at a reasonable price. Downtown Golden also has some fun shoppes .... if your looking for some antiques. Golden has some really nice estates just off of south golden road by Golden High school. Thats all about Golden!!!

About Me

About Me

This is eve morgan an me after school
This is me and zanib in bobcat

This is Cowen Jade Lexy and me a while back
Well I am Pheonex Fisher a 13 year old girl here at bell and I was born March 13 1998. My whole name is Trinity Pheonex Marie Piper Fisher, I added the name piper. I live with my grandma and grandpa. My older brother Tony Fisher used to live us.... then he got in some trouble .... . I live in a 2 story house with a cat named Mojo and a puppy named Biscuit. Im Getting a job at Elitches with my best friend Alexis this summer. At the begging of last year i got into some trouble and had to go to the school Connections. I then got kicked out of there for fighting and came to bell. Now that is all about me!!:);)

Bell Middle School

 About Bell
This is our school mascot
Bell is a middle school for 7th and 8th graders. This school is just like any other school. People are mean, people are nice. Now I know most schools say they have bad lunch and its gross, but really they feed us pretty good. Are school dose not get much homework a lot of kids complain saying we get a lot though...I don`t do it so who am I to judge. The teachers here are also pretty nice. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we can stay after school to work on missing work, or to just get help on our schoolwork. That is about bell my home school thanks bye! :]

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Friends

                 My Friends
Well I came to bell at the end of last year and had no friends. I came back at the beginning of this year and made tons of new friends I was so happy i finally fit in here. My best friends name is Alexis Cadry, we may fight sometimes but i know shell always be there for me and i will always be there for her. Another great friend is Keagan Bonnicson, we were great friends at the begging of the year......The we got into some illegal trouble. That made us shift apart because her mother does not allow us to talk. Now the people who i most hang out with is Judy VanMetre, Stephanie Ward, Shanelle Proski and Kristy Kortum....We all do everything together mainly sleep-overs and going to the mall. Now that is my friends. Below is a picture Of Alexis (she`s the first one)


Well I have a crazy story about my family. When I was just 3 and my Brothers were 4, 2, and 3 months Our Biological parents both went to prison and we had to go into foster-care. We had gone into a lot of homes. When i had reached the third home my older brother  Tony and i got separated from our little brothers. When we went into that foster care we got abused and never had fair rights as their other kids. They made my brother sleep in a closet filled with spiders and i had to walk to school alone. After we were in there for about 3-months my Grandma And Gram-pa who i called mom and dad adopted me and my older brother, i was 6 and he was 7. My little brothers soon later got adopted in Colorado Springs.When i turned 13 my older brother Tony had Got arrested for possession of marijuana and assault on a police. He still continues to do bad and unfortunlty is back in there for 15 months. Well thats my family.
This is my little brothers family
This is a picture of my mom That I live with(not my real mom)
This is a Picture of my brother tony